Deep South Canine Rescue

Saving Lives 4 Paws At A Time

Deep South Canine Rescue (DSCR)


We at Deep South Canine Rescue, are an all volunteer based, 501c3 licensed non profit organization.  We are all devoted animal lovers saving the homeless, abandoned or forgotten dogs in deep southern Georgia.  We are committed to providing all of our rescued dogs with proper veterinary care, allowing them to be well socialized with other dogs, kids and sometimes cats and safely adopting them out to loving families.

Our mission is to help strengthen the bond between humans and canines.

We are a foster based rescue. We can only save as many dogs as we have fosters homes for at any one time. We save dogs of all breeds from newborns to seniors.  If you can foster or volunteer in any way for us (even if you are not in Georgia), we welcome you. Please contact us to fill out an application.




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